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Matthew J. Parker was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and moved to Arizona when he was 22. Along the way, he’s worked delivering liquor, in industrial laundry, as a day laborer, a landscaper, a carpenter, in drywall, as a roofer, in maintenance, as a breakfast cook, a commercial electrician, a tile setter, a painter, in tool and die, as a tech at a TV station, as a law school proctor, an alcohol proctor, a creative writing teacher, a caterer, and a research assistant.

In prison He’s worked in landscaping, in print shops, as a foreman in prison construction, as an auto mechanic, in concrete, as a teacher, a librarian, a trash picker (along interstates I-40 and I-10 in Arizona), a cook, for habitat for humanities, and on a large, indoor hydroponic tomato farm.

After his final release from prison in March of 2002, Parker earned a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University, and an MFA from Columbia. He currently lives in Scottsdale.

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